Michael Stuart Associates


Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the number of people operating through their own limited companies.

This generally brings an increase in freedom, and potentially higher rates of income than might be received as a traditional employee. However, this has to be contrasted against the absence of employment rights, holiday and sick pay, and the potential for ‘lost days’ between contracts.

We understand the needs of contractors and freelance workers.

We offer all of our clients:

• Fixed fee – all inclusive – from £110 + VAT per month.

• Ability to meet face to face at a time of your choosing.

• Telephone and e-mail support throughout the financial year

• Annual tax review, advising on expenses that are potentially not be claimed.

• Tax investigation cover.

If your business is selected for HMRC investigation, our protection package will meet the costs of defending you.

• ‘Fast Track’ business bank account (subject to status)